Japan, the food experience – 5 – Osaka Part II

These days are crazy: organizing this and that, starting to go horse riding again (how is it going, you ask? I say “ok”, the bruises on my legs probably say otherwise, but I have lots of fun anyway), just that thing called living… And yet, I haven’t finished writing my Japanese adventures! Here comes the…

Japan, the food experience – 5 – Osaka Part I

I missed you so much, blog of mine! These weeks have been incredibly busy and I couldn’t find time to actually sit down and keep on writing… But I am back bitches! Where were we then… On the train from Nagasaki (underwhelming at first, turned out to be a lovely place) to Osaka, where we…

The Gunkanjima Mascot

In Japan, EVERYTHING has a mascot. Including Gunkanjima. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Very-Confusing-Poo-Looking Gunkanjima mascot, Gansho-ku (of course it has a name, too!). Happy Monday 🙂

Japan, the food experience – 4 – Nagasaki

And so, we arrived to Nagasaki. This was the place where we were almost going to experience a capsule hotel. Almost, because we were kind of cheating:  the First Cabin Nagasaki is not a tomb-like capsule hotel, since you have a room as big as your bed (a normal sized bed) for yourself, wall to…

Japan, the food experience – 3 – Fukuoka

We left Yufuin sad to leave our lovely apartment and a little pissed off at our suitcase, that decided to abandon us just after barely a week. One of its wheels just gave up and from then on it had to be dragged with a considerable amount of effort whenever we had to change city….