“People we meet on vacation” by Emily Henry

Also known as “You and me on vacation” (WTF?). I am going to upload the image for the second title option just to mess like the Internet messed with me when I was looking for this one. I am cruel like that. I decided to end this streak of rom-coms on a high note (actually two high notes, this week’s and next’s!).

What is it about?

Poppy and Alex have been best friends since college, and (wrongly, clearly) thinking that they were too good as friends and too different to be anything more, over ten years pass before something happens. The story jumps back and forth from the past to the present. Since Poppy has a blog (and later on works for a magazine) dedicated to traveling, every summer Alex and Poppy go together on holidays (vacation, I might say). Through all the different places they visit, all the great drunken moments, all the awkward bits, etc., their story unfolds. In the present, they go on a last trip together after spending two years barely talking to each other. 

What makes it good?

I can imagine these two people existing, living and breathing somewhere in the world. I can imagine that something like this has happened to people and I like that, despite this being “just” a romantic novel, it takes its time to get to know its main characters and their lives.
Big plus, it made me miss traveling soooooo much it almost hurt a little.

The style

It is very well written, in a very fresh and direct style that really makes you root for them both.

Final Mark

Despite the fact that the first (and the second!) title are horrific, this is a lovely story. And while its center revolves around friendship and love, in there there is still space, in between lines, to reflect about growing up, living in a big city (New York, and here lies another thing I liked about this book, the fact that there is no New York being the centre of the world even if Poppy lives there after leaving her hometown) and feeling fulfilled with what you are doing in life. You know what? It spoke to me, it is well written and I can relate to the characters, and so: 


On the Penguin site

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