“Roomies” by Christina Lauren

After two years and a half, we are in Italy! It’s busy af (like the youths would say), mainly because we have to run after our two year-old Tasmanian devil (thank you genetics, couldn’t she turn out a bit more like my calm and collected sister?). But a deal is a deal, and here we are with another romantic book in the lead-up to Christmas.

What is it about?

Quirky girl meets Irish immigrant, marries him for the papers, falls in love with him.
Yep, this is all you are getting.

What makes it good?

So, well, it is a love story, it is set in New York (AGAIN! I mean people, really? Does no other city in the universe exist? Or even America?). The added benefit is Broadway uncles? Side story being about musicals? All of the question marks are there because I am really trying here people. What can I say, never trust what the Internet says. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad bad, it’s just forgettable. Also, careful with the stereotypes (Irish fella etc.). Could be much worse and the guy could be dressed like a leprechaun, but still.

The style

Eh. It was a book. And it was written?

Final Marki

I think (“tink” since I speak like a proper Irish person, which I know it is the truth but still, ew) I am being extremely generous here with this 5.5/10. You know, sometimes I write reviews of stuff that I read some time ago, and that period helps me settling in my view of a certain book. It crystallizes the idea that I had while reading and sometimes and allows me to discover that I actually like it more, or less.
This one is a definite “yeah, would not go back to it or touch it with a 2 mt pole to pick it up”.
You know what? Knock that 0.5 off it.
Also, oh my goodness that cover.


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