“Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin

Ok, I think this one is a pretty famous one out there in the world of romantic books. There was even a movie made out of it (more on that later). Let’s get into it, shall we?

What is it about?

Rachel is Darcy’s bestie (this thing about this woman called Darcy keeps confusing me, sorry). Dex is Darcy’s fiance, and Rachel’s friend from college. At Rachel’s birthday party, Rachel and Dex… Tah dah, have sex! And there goes the rest of it.

What makes it good?

Dex is a bit functional to the story (which hey, it is no bad thing in itself). Rachel, the goody two shoes underling to Darcy, is a person we all know exists, and we ourselves may have been in the past a Rachel to a Darcy at some point.
So points for the characterization. Darcy is a bit too out there but again, I am sure someone like that does exist, and also I like the fact that she is not portrayed only as the Nemesis, but she has some good qualities (not too many mind you, but still). I have been in friendships that had a clear winner (shock horror, that was not yours truly) and I know it can be difficult to free yourself from something like that. So it is an enjoyable enough story and, trying not to spoil it too much, the ending is quite realistic.

The style

I mean, we are not talking War and Peace here, but it was well written enough and the characters were well described and they had a life of their own.

Final Mark

The story is good enough, the main character is relatable and you get a satisfying and twisty ending. You can’t ask for much more. Oh yeah, you can ask for a cinematic transposition that is not as awful as the one I tried to watch a couple of weeks back and could not bring myself to finish. I am not even telling you where you can find it, because believe me, stick with the book. You do not want to find the movie.


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